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While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may all serve as a means to connect physicians to one another, medical discussions do get submerged under a lot of other noise. With widespread adoption of social-media, medical professionals are increasingly looking for networking with like-minded peers and desire to engage in secure specialty specific discussions.

PulsedIn provides such a platform for physicians to connect with and follow their colleagues, share articles, research papers and publish their work to be visible to their Colleagues online. Physicians can connect with patients and grow their practice. Patients can engage in discussions with Physicians as well.

PulsedIn - a free multi-utility social platform for verified physicians that enables effective interaction between passionate global physicians, patients and organizations.

1. Physicians : Available to Physicians in USA and India
a. Create your profile, connect with peers, discuss live cases, get updates
b. Upload pictures of unique cases and queries and get immediate feedback from peers.
c. Get endorsed for your unique skills by peers and patients.
d. Get rated and reviewed by patients
e. Get in to content marketing through "Health Beat" and reach number of potential patients.
f. Offer second opinions to patients.
g. Find jobs in your location.
h. Set your own privacy setting for each post. Reach only your colleagues or followers through dedicated privacy settings. Offer important general health advise to your patients by posting public updates on your wall so it reaches your patients via. feed.
i. Discuss publicly or discuss as anonymous.

2. Patients : This component of the app is available only in India.
a. Find a well rated doctor through this verified network. View Doctor's endorsements, content written by him/her and research best rated/ reviewed doctors in a particular specialty in the network.
b. Obtain second opinions from reputed physicians
c. Upload and share your documents with your doctor or for second opinion via. our secure messaging system.
d. Get free health advise through "Health Beat"
e. Send private questions to doctors on our board as well as to "nearby" doctors
f. Schedule online appointments with available and participating "nearby" doctors.
g. Search for and find support groups. Share your experience and get supportive feedback from similar patients.
h. Rate and review your doctor.
i. Follow your doctor and receive his public updates in your feed.

3. Organizations : a. Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals can create their own page and follow doctors to observe trends.
b. Also, can follow public discussions and blog discussions.
c. Gain reputation among patients by creating positive and healthy contents.
d. Reach more patients by offering valuable discounts and offers on elective procedures.
e. Advertise Medical Tourism.

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